Hamburg, Germany

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The ship pulled into a town near Hamburg Germany called Luebeck  where we had an afternoon walking tour planned.  In the morning after breakfast we ventured off on our own out into the town for a couple of hours of shopping and sightseeing.

The streets of Lubeck with a familiar sign


A sailing vessel moored close to the cruise ship

The walking tour started just after lunch time on the ship.  We rode a bus a short distance to then began following our tour guide who used a little flag to show the rest of the group where she was at all times.  Her English pretty good but sometimes hard to understand with her thick German accent.  The tour ended with a visit to a German micro-brewery.

The first neat building in Lubeck


The walking tour starts


The tour guide is telling us about this structure


Looking back from the building


Old buildings being refurbished


Three different centuries of construction


Seems everything important has a pointy roof


Karen's new friend


The first cathedral we went in


Where is my friend Karen?


Cool stained glass


Inside of the cathedral


Look at the organ pipes


An angel of sorts, a catholic I am not????


Fancy carvings


The main alter


The main crucifix


The ceiling was elaborately painted


Models of the cathedral buildings


The outside of the right most model


Our tour guide Ingrid


More pointy roofs


The only Harley I saw in Europe


Another cathedral


Beautiful artwork


Cobblestone streets


These little "smart"  cars were everywhere


The brewery's main pot


The brewery's furnishings were sparse


Karen boozing it up at the brewery


More of the brewery's hardware


The beer tanks


The assistant tour guide and Karen


Done with the brewery

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