Brussels, Belgium

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Our second to the last port of call was in Belgium where we enjoyed a tour of two well preserved medieval cities of Bruges and Ghent.  We started off with a walking tour of Bruges where we viewed some really fantastic structures and cathedrals.  After our walking tour of Bruges we rode the bus to Ghent for another walking tour.  We also rode a small boat through the canals of Ghent.  Karen did not even freak out!  She actually enjoyed it.  It seemed like we walked and walked forever towards this very tall tower, but we never even got to go inside the tower.  We did visit the Ghent cathedral and some other religious buildings.  All in all it was a very good tour, and yes, Karen bought chocolates and lace.

A very old building


Narrow cobblestone streets


The tour group crossing a bridge


Water front buildings


Further on down the canal


From atop the bridge


Great statues were everywhere


A very old building in the rear with flags


A spider web spanning nearly six feet


Slaying a dragon


Forgot the flash


A McDonalds in Belgium


A very ornate building


Angels dancing


No peeing in public


A very old working clock tower


More old buildings


The other side of the clock tower


A big statue


A mother and baby


Inside the cathedral


My bride entering the cathedral


The center part of the cathedral


Too dark, no flash allowed


Karen lighting a candle for her Nana


The front of the cathedral


A close up


Great skeleton


Intricate stained glass window


Christ being attended to


One of the boats we rode in the canals on


Coming up under a bridge


Under the bridge we go


Another foot bridge


A house nearly covered in vegetation


The swans on the canal


Waiting our turn


Bright flower boxes


Flower boxes again


Another pointed tower


Vandals burned this statue the night before


A nice statue breast feeding


More canal boats


Really pointy buildings


A gargoyle fish


The building on the right was a brothel


That pointed tower again


We are getting closer and closer


Karen enjoyed the boat ride


Walking to the town center


The reason for a trip to Bruges


The pointy tower


Karen walking down the street


Finally at that damn tower


Very narrow streets & sidewalks


We didn't even go inside


A horse drawn carriage


Karen at the back of the tour group, again


I think this is a relative of Karen's


The city trading center


The town center


The town center statue


The commerce building


The town center again


A wedding party approaches


Missed a picture of the bride


Part of the canals


More canal pictures


The tower from a bathroom window


Again from the bathroom window


Very old tree


Are we visiting that cathedral or what


Inside the Ghent cathedral


Individual pews


Where is the rest of the horse?


TA final picture of the Ghent waterways

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