Edinburgh, Scotland

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Our  fourth tour was by far our most anticipated one.  It was titled "Braveheart Country & Stirling Castle".  As you can tell by the name it concerns the liberation of Scotland in the 1300's.  First we went on a ride to see the Bannockburn Heritage Center which detailed the fight for Scotland's freedom By Robert of Bruce.

The entrance to the Bannockburn Heritage Center


Karen wears a helmet with chain mail


Chuck tries it next


A display about Robert The Bruce


The Robert the Bruce memorial


The Robert the Bruce statue


Zoomed in on Stirling Castle


The Scottish Lowlands


The Bruce statue with Stirling Castle just to the right


Scottish ponies


Karen at the Bruce memorial


Steps to somewhere?


More of the Lowlands

From the Bannockburn Center we traveled up to Stirling Castle.  The castle sits on a natural rock outcropping several hundred feet above the surrounding countryside.  This made it nearly impregnable by enemy forces. 

The left side of the moat


The right side of the moat


The Entrance to the castle


Up on the front wall


Karen on the front wall


The front side of the Royal Apartments


A gargoyle


The entrance to the Royal Apartments


A tower outside of the castle walls


Karen in an archer's turret


The outer courtyard


The inner courtyard


The gardens outside of the castle walls


The outside of the castle and cliffs


The modern road up to the castle


A modern town outside of the castle


The King's apartment


The Roayal seal


The inner courtyard


The Royal Throne Room


Karen looking if the coast is clear


The "queen" sits upon her throne


A tapestry weaver


More of the lowlands


Opposing Statues


More of the courtyard


These cottages housed important shops


The rear walls of the castle


Looking over the rear wall


The cemetery outside of the walls


The Stirling Village


More of the surrounding village and back wall


The side wall


Another shot of the cemetery


Another picture of the side wall


Another shot of Stirling Village


The inner courtyard cannons


The hallway to the throne room


From the other end of the hallway


This is the start of the lower courtyard


More of the lower back courtyard


Part of the back wall looking back


Part of the back wall looking foeward


From the very back corner of the castle wall


Showing the rear of the shop area


The path to the kitchens


The "Nobles" quarters


The royal bakery


Making bread


An archers defensive station


The baker


The hallway to the royal apartments


The Royal  apartments, King's on the left, Queen's on the left


An old tree in the flower garden


More of the flower garden and royal shops


The flower garden inside the walls


Spooky old tree


Karen leaving the castle

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