Dublin, Ireland

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Our third tour was in Dublin Ireland where we visited the Malahide Castle.  A fully appointed castle with all of the lavish furnishings of the time.  It had been lived in up until about 20 years ago.  Now the entire castle was open for tour.

Our first view of Malahide Castle


A close up of Malahide Castle


The walkway up to the castle


The entrance to Malahide Castle

Once again, we were not allowed to take pictures inside the castle, so here is Karen on the way out.

Which door should I use?


Out the door on the way to the cemetery

The left hand door allowed people access and the right hand door opened for carts and horses

The Malahide cemtery


A grave marker through the trees




This one was dated in the 16th century


The Church


The courtyard area


More of the courtyard


From the courtyard looking back towards the castle


A fellow tourist and his friend


These statues guarded the courtyard


Big Dogs!


The rear of the castle

After we left the Malahide castle we stopped at an Irish pub for an Irish Coffee.  I ordered mine without the coffee, it was a very good Irish Whiskey.  We were able to shop for about a half an hour where we bought a Celtic fashioned ring for Cheryl before we headed back along the coast to the cruise ship.

A street in Malahide Village outside the pub


An Irish beach


Irish beach front


Blue Atlantic waters


An Irish lighthouse


The lighthouse was converted to a home


Looks like Jack's head  (west coast Jack in the Box fast food)


The tour bus on a beachfront road


An Irish resort island

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