Falmouth, England

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Our first in-port tour was the Cornwall Coast and Country Tour of Falmouth England.  It was supposed to include breathtaking scenery, a tour of The Pencarrow House, a tour of Charleston Harbor and admission to the Shipwreck Museum.  The bus windows were filthy and we could hardly see much of anything much less take a clear picture through them.  The Pencarrow House was interesting, it is one of the last privately owned great country houses.  Most of which the British government subsidizes.  The only bad thing at the Pencarrow house was in nearly every room that the tour guide gave us a narration of they also found a way to ask, beg, for donations to help keep the doors open.  If we wanted to be hounded for money we could have just hung out near a homeless shelter in Norfolk...  The Charston Harbor tour was pitiful as well as the Shipwreck museum which had a couple of trinkets from the Titanic, before it sank.  The lunch was the worst though, it was supposed to be an authentic Cornish dish that would be like a stromboli instead of having an Italian concoction inside it was like a potpie with dreadfully dry beef, carrots potatoes and some tiny splattering of a juice/gravy.  It was so dry and the beef? so tough nearly everyone in the tour group had a bite or two and left the rest.  Even our tour guide said it was the worst instance of that dish he had ever eaten.  Unfortunately this was our first tour and it was very bad and not worth the cost.  We figured it could not get any worse.  We selected these tours before we left on the cruise.

The Tour Bus


English Countryside


English Countryside


Pencarrow House Children's Play land


Karen at the Pencarrow House


Pencarrow Guinea Fowl


Pencarrow Wind Vane 


Backside of Pencarrow House


Karen & Pencarrow House Fountain


Pencarrow House Front


The Pencarrow House Fountain


The Pencarrow House & Fountain


The Pencarrow House


The Road to Pencarrow House


A Pencarrow Peacock


Lunch Time


Karen Back on the Bus


An old English Merchant Ship at Charlestown Harbor


English homes near Charlestown Harbor


Charlestown Harbor


More of Charlestown Harbor


Karen Resting at Charlestown Harbor


Our Charlestown Harbor Tourgroup


Karen's Pirate


Crossing the Bridge at Charlestown Harbor


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