Hi! my name is Karen, and I was born and raised in the San Francisco bay area town of San Leandro California. I'm 40 something I and the mother of two! I currently am a Manager for a local Waldenbooks, book store and I still have to work all kinds of crazy hours.

I have a cat by the name of Bentley that I love dearly!!! He is an orange tiger stripe and has a wonderful personality!! He plays hide-n-seek with me!

I love to go camping for vacation just to go out into the woods, I love to be outdoors.

I love to collect antique diary's as a hobby. Pretty slow moving hobby though!! Not too much time to do too much of anything else.

I also enjoy reading horoscopes, and I also have that extra 6th sense about me... Many people get spooked or just flat out don't believe in such things. But I love to hold something of someone's who has passed away, because more than likely I start getting strange unexplainable feelings of things that have happened to that person, weird HUH??

I have been married for 25 years to Chuck and have two good children, Michael (23) and Cheryl (22), they both have graced us with one grandchild each.  Cheryl was first with Cameron in 2001 and Raegan was born to Mike and his girlfriend in 2002!! Well I hope you enjoy our homepage!

Thanks for being patient with me as I am NOT a computer person by any means!!!

Karen L. Jagow

Jagow's Rest Stop