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We have a web camera setup to capture activity in our computer room which updates once a minute as long as Chuck's computer is on.  The weather information is updated about once every five minutes from our professional weather station located just a few feet from the observatory.  For more weather info click Rott'n Paws or Turtle Rock. The computer room is home to the cats and Karen usually playing word games on her computer.  Occasionally you might just catch a glimpse Chuck's hair, or what is left of it...

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Chuck and Karen have finally realized their life long dream and retired to Westcliffe Colorado, Chuck's boyhood home. We lived in our Chesapeake home since moving htere in 1987 from Bremerton Washington. Before Bremerton, the Jagow family has lived in Newport News Virginia, Groton Connecticut, Norwich Connecticut, San Diego California and San Leandro California. All this traveling was due to the fact Chuck was in the US Navy and every couple of years it was off to somewhere new.  Once landing in Virginia they figured they would only be here a little while, until Chuck found a job in Colorado, well that was twenty years ago!  I guess that was mainly because there didn't seem to be very many submarine related Combat Systems jobs in Colorado...

Our head geek who is responsible for this mess is Chuck who lives and breathes this computer stuff and has been married to his beautiful wife of  thirty years Karen who still likes her "Gothic" romance novels and her cats more than the computers.  Karen loves to read more than anything except maybe playing Webkins games on the PC while Chuck is out stargazing with one of his telescopes.

The Jagow family has always included pets of one species or another. The current zoo is comprised of four dogs, Bronco & Ninya both Rottweilers and two Chihuahuas "little" Tinkerbell and dainty Daisy.  The dogs are always on the lookout for our two cats Scout and Tessa.

This is a panoramic image I took of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains of Colorado.  The towns in the foreground are Silvercliff and Westcliffe they kind of run together and are hard to separate in this image, but there is about a mile between them .   I grew up here, in fact in this image there is but a single instance of where a large cloud's shadow is visible on the range.  Just to the right and below that cloud about half the width of that cloud is a great open park, that is where our ranch sits.  This picture was taken on the first or second of June of 2008, right after we had our mom moved to the Canon Lodge in Canon City.  If you think this picture is nice, you should see the full size image as this is one eighth scale  Both images are copyrighted 2009 by me, Charles A. Jagow with all rights reserved. 

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Cheryl our daughter, AKA the Dork, who is twenty eight and the mother of our first grandchild, Cameron.  Thankfully the "Dork" doesn't share the same outlook on life as her brother, if she did then Karen and I would know we had screwed up, as she continues to work for the Virginia state juvenile courts.  Her only vice is that she is working on spinsterness. 

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