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This is a panoramic image I took of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains of Colorado, it is copyrighted 2009 by me, Charles A. Jagow with all rights reserved.  The towns in the foreground are Silvercliff, the closest and Westcliffe the farthest.  Only a mile separates the two towns.  This is where I grew up, in fact in this image there is but a single instance of where a large cloud's shadow is visible on the range.  Just to the right and below that cloud about half the width of that cloud is a great open park, that is our ranch.  This picture was taken on the first or second of June of 2008, right after we had our mom moved to the Canon Lodge in Canon City.   THE IMAGE IS    H U G E   SO SCROLL AROUND!

To order a print of this image please cotact me at: chuck@jagowds.com  Prints measure 36"x6" and framed it measures 40"x10" and is very impressive.

This image and all copies are copyrighted (c) 6/1/2008 -  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by Charles A. JAGOW.

Imagine, a picture the mountains

C.A. Jagow