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Tink the Dink

Imagine, a picture of a BIG dog.

Tinkerbell is the newest addition to the household and as such seems to think she rules the house.  Tink, as she is lovingly referred to, terrorizes the cats and drives the Rottweilers bonkers for the most part.  She was supposed to be a small Chihuahua, however at eight months she was tipping the scales at nearly eight and a half pounds.

Imagine, a picture of a little dog.

Bronco is the beast on the left and Ninya is the pretty girl on the right.  The breeder who we acquired Bronco from allowed us to be in the same room with the puppies, the bitch and the sire all together and we were nearly licked to death.  With temperaments like that, how could we go wrong so Bronco came home with us.  He was un-named for a week or so, until I tried to take him outside on a leash.  he arched his back and started bucking just like a horse at a rodeo, that is where the name came from - after I stopped laughing of course.  It became apparent that as Bronco became taller than Cameron that Bronco needed a playmate.  Our older dog at the time would have nothing to do with him and the cats just wanted to bloody his snout.  So Karen and I began a search for a playmate.  It was never our intention to become a two Rottweiler family.  

Karen happened upon an add in the paper for a female Rottweiler that needed a good home CHEAP.  So we went to see her.  The lady went into hospitals and nursing homes and used her animals as therapy dogs to raise the spirits of the patients, she explained that she had several dogs including another Rottweiler and this female just wasn't very sociable and she didn't think it would make a very good therapy animal so she was trying to find her a home.  The poor dog was left in the lady's back yard which was completely devoid of any vegetation, it was all dusty brown dirty.  The dog was barley recognizable as a Rottweiler as she was all drown from the dirt and dust.  She was timid and cowering and generally very afraid, but she was not growling or peeing all over herself when we came to her and began petting her.  The lady explained that she had bought her from a big name kennel up by DC and the dog was born with a "cherry-eye" which was considered a "defect" so they had spayed her as soon as possible.  We also learned that she had spent all of her life, except for the month the lady had owned her, in a 5x7 kennel with little or no interaction with dog or people.  I guess I am a sucker, as my heart went out to this dog as I began negotiating the lady from her $175 down to $90.  We took "Cherry", that was the only name they had for her, home and I gave her a bath out on the drive way.  She was so scared she shook the entire time.  I wrapped her in a towel and dried her off in the garage with the door closed.  Bronco was going nuts in the house, he knew something was up!  Nearly a year later Ninya is a happy well adjusted dog!

Imagine, a picture of a rat looking dog

No wonder Chuck's recliner is a little broken down looking, we don't even want to start counting how many pounds are in there right now...

Imagine, a picture of a large eared cat.

The three beasts love Karen & Chuck's bed, they can look out the windows that look out onto the street and keep an eye on what is going on in the court.  Karen just does not understand this is an important watch dog activity.  She always runs them off the bed with a flyswatter!

Imagine, a picture of a runt alley cat

Scout is the alpha cat and was a runt at birth and is only about the size of an 8 month old kitten. Scout's diminished size does not hamper his outdoors activities. He loves to go outside and whip the hell out of larger cats. Like Molly, he is a very accomplished hunter. Scout climbs into the trees and removes the baby birds from their nests and then brings them down for us to see. Baby birds are not his only prey, to date he has brought us a dozen or so full size birds, bunnies and at least one mole all with their heads missing. The birds here "telegraph" when he is outside now and the Mocking birds "dive-bomb" him and yank fur from his head.

  Imagine, a picture of the most damn destructive cat on the planet

Tessa is the lowest on the totem pole and gets picked on by everyone.  But when she has had enough she is skillful in drawing blood from her adversaries snouts.  The problem with poor Tessa is that she has spent too much time too close to the food bowl and currently resembles a pumpkin supported by toothpicks for legs. She also holds the record for purring, I have never heard a cat purr so loud as this cat.  You can hear it across the room with the TV on.  Even though she is nearly the same color and markings as Scout, you could NEVER mistake the two.  It would be like mistaking Laurel and Hardy.

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