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 Deep Sky  



Chuck & Night Sky 16" Dobsonian scope at a school function in 2007.

The painted Orion 12".

Setting up a guide scope for the 10" LX200GPS.

Me & the SolarMax 60 at the Boardwalk Astronomy Day 2008.

This was my setup at the East Coast Star Party in the Fall of 2008.

Here I am, just trying to help some fellows plug up some extension cords.

This is a side view of my current portable imaging rig.

The portable imaging rig consists of a 120mm and an 80mm Orion semi-apochromatics mounted in tandem on a hypertuned LXD-75 mount.

The Night Sky 16" dob with an Moonlite focuser & Argo Navis.

Meade LX200GPS 10" - Coronado Solarmax 60.

Chuck, Bronco & Meade LX200GPS 10".

Coronado Solarmax 60.

Chuck & Scope at Astronomy Day 2004.


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