Verdemont Ranch, at the foot of Gibbs Peak

Imagine, a picture of a Colorado mountain.
Somewhere near Westcliffe Colorado

Verdemont Ranch is located about 11 miles northwest of Westcliffe Colorado. The "ranch" was homesteaded sometime in the late 1890s and has been a high altitude farm and a working horse ranch. Potatoes WILL grow above 10,000 feet. Electricity came to Verdemont sometime in the 1950's soon followed by a telephone. Indoor plumbing was acquired in 1972 and propane heat in 1992. A computer exists there and Mary is working on mastering it!

Verdemont Ranch currently specializes in AQHA registered quarter horses from the "Peppy San Badger" & "KiloWatt" bloodlines. For information on these fine animals please phone Mary Jagow at (719) 783-2683. ...Unsolicited Advertising...

With luck, the Jagow family will someday live here.

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