Well here I am!

A picture of me standing next to my Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Perhaps not the "computer geek" you were expecting? There is no tape on my glasses!

I was riding motorcycles nearly ten years before I touched my first computer. So I guess they are my first passion.

This bike is my third Harley it is a 1986 Softail with only about 28,000 miles on her. I bought her in 1990 from a man who had not ridden it for 3 years and was in excellent shape.

Several summers ago a good friend was getting married 600+ miles away in Syracuse and I rode up on a Friday with my friends, Mike Chaney and Dave Dixon, for the wedding and came home on Sunday. I hope to ride to Colorado some summer for a visit.

Now, if I could just get a vibration proof laptop that I could velcro to the tank with a GPS link...

A picture of my wife and I.

This picture is of me and my lovely wife Karen standing in front of our house in Virginia with our tree in bloom. We have been married over 22 wonderful years!

A picture of my dog and I.

This is a picture of my lap-dog BART and I! Bart is about a 105 pounds and is a German RottWeiler who is as fierce as a lamb, a lamb with BIG teeth that is...

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